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Morning crepes are my favourite. Whether you're looking for a savoury or sweet treat, the Hibiscus Cafe has you covered. Hibiscus cafe is a small cozy family-run cafe located in Kensington Market at 238 Augusta Avenue. 

Upon entering the cafe, you will notice that it is quite a small space but nevertheless, the staff was very friendly and welcoming. The cafe seemed like it was quite a hit because it had quickly filled up. We had to put our name on a list but they were kind enough to give us a call back as soon as a table cleared up. 

The cafe offers a variety of drinks such as tea's, morning coffee, and lattes as well as an entirely gluten free menu. The facility itself is entirely gluten free which makes it 100% celiac friendly.  It is also vegetarian and offers some vegan options as well. So there's basically something for everyone. :) 

I decided to have a vanilla latte with a savoury crepe. I chose the Vegan Mozzarella Tomato Basil Spinach Mushroom buckwheat crepe. My sister had one of their sweet crepes: The Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Banana (pictured above). When I received my crepe, my initial thought was "this is huge"! The portion sizes are quite big although that's certainly not a bad thing seeing as you can keep some for left overs. For anyone who has a group of friends who want vegan, gluten free, vegetarian options.. this place has it all. For those who still want their dairy, they got you as well. 

To check out their menu click here

- Entirely gluten free, 100% celiac safe
- Dairy options
- Vegan options
- Vegetarian

- Tight space
- Downtown Toronto (which might not be accessible for everyone)

Regardless, it is definitely worth making a weekend trip for. The location could also be a bonus with many other gluten free options around to grab a bite or sweet treat after your breakfast. :)

What are some of your favourite gluten free breakfast spots?!
Let me know in the comments below!
Happy eating!! <3

Léa S.

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